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Q: Who can join the ASMA?
A: Any living history group, organization or individual whose primary purpose of their historical interpretation is the education and history of the late age of sail, typically the eras from the Seven Years War, the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Q: How does one join the ASMA?
A: New members are required to obtain a sponsor who is an existing ASMA member in good standing for a minimum of one full year. The sponsor works with you to make sure your historical interpretation is on par with that of the ASMA membership. After a year of provisional membership you're presented to the full membership for formal consideration.

Q: Are there membership dues?
A: Yes. Group membership dues are $20 per year. Those joining as an individual and not part of a group pay only $5 per year. Dues are paid every June.

Q: Must I have a boat in order to join the ASMA?
A: No. Although the ASMA has over thirty vessels among its membership, any realistic maritime impression is acceptable. There are many ASMA members who do not own boats, and their membership with the ASMA allows them the opportunity to crew on a large number of vessels at ASMA sanctioned events. Examples of maritime impressions may include carpenters, musicians, marines, cooks, sailmakers, boat builders, armourers, cannon crews, and any of the numerous other jobs and vocations that were associated with the maritime arts during this period.

Q: Is reenacting liability insurance required like with other reenactment organizations?
A: Yes. Because the ASMA members participate in numerous public events, the standard black powder liability insurance policy is required for anyone employing black powder firearms or wishing to socialize with those who do. This also applies to members who join as individuals.

Q: The Age of Sail Maritime Alliance has a Yahoo Group. How can I access it?
A: The ASMA's Yahoo Group is for members only and is used to conduct and record the organization's business dealings. Those who join the ASMA are sent invitations to join the Yahoo Group. No outside access is allowed.

Q: I want to learn more about the ASMA. Who can I contact?
A: Go to our "Contact Us" page where you'll find the names and email links to the ASMA's representatives. Be sure to include your name and the best way to reach you and someone from the ASMA will be happy to get back to you.

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